Body Piercing in Lakeland, Florida

There are few fashion statements as bold as a body piercing. At Sinking Ink Tattoo of Lakeland, Florida, we offer body piercing and implants with sterile tools in a clean shop.

Body Piercing

Over the past couple of decades, body piercing has really come into its own as a form of body art. Everywhere you turn, there is someone with stretch earlobes, or a facial piercing you have never seen before. Our professional body piercer can provide all of the piercings you want, both above and below the belt. Some of our piercing options include:

• Eyebrows • Nose • Ears • Lips • Naval • Nipples • Industrial

Dermal Implants

Dermal implants may seem new to the scene, but they have actually been around for quite some time. If the area you want pierced cannot be pierced, usually because there is not enough skin, chances are good that you can have a dermal implant.

Unlike piercings, implants are placed under the skin, with a bar sticking out where the jewelry goes. These are an excellent option in places such as:

• Back • Head • Cheeks • Dimples


During your piercing, you can expect that your piercer will use a new needle and sterile
steel jewelry. During the healing period, you will use basic, straight, sterile jewelry. If you like,
you can upgrade the jewelry after the healing time to provide more flair than a basic steel
bar or hoop.

Body jewelry is available in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and weights. Talk to your piercer about the options available for your piercing.

Schedule an appointment today for professional, clean body piercing in Lakeland, Florida.